Programmatic platforms for a mobile world

We provide the technology that gives control back to publishers and agencies.
By offering both a Programmatic Direct solution, as well as a Real-Time Bidding platform, we are able to provide to our customers an agnostic approach to buying and selling — finding the balance between inventory today and inventory into the future.

The largest mobile futures marketplace in the world today

Nectar allows for the purchase of premium, brand safe impressions in the future – guaranteed.

With over 350 individual premium publishers, Nectar is the most efficient way to discover, plan and buy guaranteed inventory.

With Nectar’s Mobile Futures market, advertisers are guaranteed fixed rates and delivery for upcoming campaigns due to Nectar’s direct integration into publishers’ ad servers and its priority status. Nectar impressions are exempt from real-time yield management tactics common to private marketplaces, open exchanges, and header bidding – Nectar’s impressions are guaranteed, period.

For publishers, Nectar provides control that does not exist with real-time bidding, while guaranteeing a revenue stream from Fortune 500 advertisers.


Demand-side platform (DSP) for real-time bidding (RTB) of mobile impressions.

Swarm enables advertisers to purchase unique behavioral segments with fine-grain location at scale.

  • Ability to use the platform via self-serve or managed service
  • Direct integration with all major ad exchanges
  • Private Marketplace (PMP) support for major premium publishers
  • Hyper location targeting
  • 50+ predefined behavioral targeting segments
  • Integration of first- and third-party data
  • Data exportable to third-party Data Management Platforms (DMP)
  • Support of all mobile creative formats