The Opportunity

Nectar™ turns the buying and selling paradigm on its head by offering brands and publishers the unique opportunity to reclaim control of their inventory and buying without sacrificing visibility or control.

The Difference

Nectar™ is the alternative. If today’s programmatic solutions are not allowing you to satisfy your brands objectives, Nectar™ provides a set of new tools that will empower you to take back control and make more intelligent decisions. While remnant channels are attempting to go ‘up market’ by repackaging the same tools – Nectar™ has created new tools and a new methodology for the next generation of media.

The Media Buyer’s Dilemma

Current programmatic buying engines offer digital efficiency at the expense of visibility and control. This efficiency focuses on price as its core variable, creating an environment where fraud and loss of brand safety is rampant and premium environments are undervalued.

The Publishers Challenge

There is no current opportunity outside of the direct sales channel to efficiently expose mobile inventory to premium brands while keeping intact a publishers premium qualities, control and dynamic pricing. Until now.